Daily Digest Explained

Daily Digest allows you to receive all your Chirpy notifications in one email, once a day. You'll be able to keep up with all your Chirpy activities without getting a separate email about each one.

At approximately 6 pm every evening you'll receive an email similar to the example below: 

You'll be able to see:

- Who's sent you a Chirpy Message
- What new catchups have been listed in groups that you are a member of
- Any cancelled CatchUps or Chirpy Social
- Any new comments in group chit chats

The great thing is that if you click on any of the blue hyperlinks within the Daily Digest email you'll be directed straight there. However, you will need to be logged into Chirpy. 

If you're unsure of who has sent you a message clicking on the member's username within the Daily Digest will take you directly to their profile. 

We've also made it possible for you to choose when and how frequently you receive email notifications, these can be done in Manage my settings. If you'd like to learn more about managing your notifications settings click here to read our help document. 

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